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Community Funding Requests

Project Name: Chatham Area Transit Paratransit Center
Project Location: Savannah, Georgia
Project Sponsor: Chatham Area Transit
Requested Amount: $4,000,000
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Project Name: Chatham Area Transit Park and Ride Facilities
Project Location:  Savannah, Georgia
Project Sponsor: Chatham Area Transit
Requested Amount: $4,119,936
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Project Name: Project DeRenne
Project Location: Savannah, Georgia
Project Sponsor: City of Savannah
Requested Amount: $29,600,000
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Project Name: Army Holistic Health and Fitness Program
Request Amount: $1.5 million
Intended Recipient: Georgia Southern University
Full Street Address of the Intended Recipient: 1332 Southern Dr. Statesboro, GA 30458
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Explanation of the request: Provide $1.5 million above the FY2022 budget request for Health and Holistic Fitness (H2F) program funding to expand Georgia Southern University’s Soldier Athlete Human Performance Optimization pilot program from Fort Stewart to Fort Benning to introduce the program into the training curriculum of small-unit combat leaders. Some funding shall be allotted to the expansion of this pilot program to allow for a more comprehensive evaluation of the outcomes and efficacy of the train-the-trainer model in preventing musculoskeletal injuries across installations. Funding will also be used to increase university research capacity, in partnership with the Army, by developing similar programs emphasizing psychological and mental health readiness, as well as nutritional studies. This funding will enable research faculty and personnel to deliver the injury prevention and human performance education program and enhance the online and virtual laboratory experience for continuing education and research observation. This funding will benefit taxpayers by strengthening state university partnerships with local military bases and further support on-site medical coverage, musculoskeletal recovery, and physical performance improvement capabilities to improve unit readiness.

Project Name: Coastal Equity and Resilience (CEAR) Hub
Request Amount: $5 million
Intended Recipient: Georgia Institute of Technology
Full Street Address of the Intended Recipient: 311 Ferst Drive, Atlanta, GA 30332-0340
Signed Financial Disclosure Letter
Explanation of the request: Provide $5,000,000 for a Coastal Equity and Resilience Hub (CEAR) operated by the Georgia Institute of Technology at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay and along the coast of Georgia, which will develop the fundamental knowledge and tools to design adaptive coastal infrastructure and equitable resilience strategies under projected future sea level rise scenarios along the vulnerable Georgia coastline. A network of low-cost water level sensors will provide real-time data to emergency planners and responders charged with protecting lives and infrastructure during more frequent flood emergencies. Sensor data streams will serve a high-resolution coastal land-ocean model to provide neighborhood-specific flood forecasting of extreme rainfall, storm surge, and their compound effects as they interact with both rural and urban geographical settings. In doing so, the project will develop a comprehensive and geographically relocatable CEAR framework that incorporates expertise from the physical and natural sciences, technology and engineering, social sciences, as well as indigenous experts, community-based practitioners, and policymakers. The resulting framework will enable the design and retrofit of infrastructure, implementation of protective natural infrastructure, and equitable workforce development programs to bolster the long-term well-being of coastal communities.

Project Name: Johnson Rocks Revetment Project
Request Amount: $2.925 million
Intended Recipient: Glynn County
Full Street Address of the Intended Recipient: 1725 Reynolds Street, Suite 300, Brunswick, GA 31520
Signed Financial Disclosure Letter
Explanation of the request:
This funding request of $2.925 million would be used to reinforce the Johnson Rocks Revetment on St. Simons Island to protect against storm damage. Along the County’s shoreline, the only line of defense between the violent waves caused during a tropical storm and Saint Simons Island’s mainland are the Johnson Rocks. The Johnson Rocks were placed along the County’s shoreline after Hurricane Dora in 1964 and these rocks are now in urgent need of rehabilitation. The intent of the Johnson Rocks Rehabilitation project is to bring the rocks to their original height. The rocks have substantial gaps, having dropped several feet and no longer offering the storm surge/flood protection they once did. Previous grant funding was not sufficient to fully address the problem. Not rehabilitating the shoreline along private property would continue to pose a threat to small businesses located close to the shore.