Repeal Obamacare Now
I am calling for a vote on a blanket repeal of Obamacare. 

The games have gone on for too long.  While I am proud of the legislation we passed in the House to repeal and replace Obamacare, it’s clear it does not have the necessary votes in the Senate.  We cannot afford to let Washington gridlock derail our efforts and fail the American people.

Majorities in the House and Senate have supported this measure in the past and it's time to do it again with a president who supports our efforts.  Then with a blank slate, we can come together on reforms to health care to lower costs and restore choice and control to patients.

Drug Testing for Unemployment Insurance
This week I introduced legislation to allow states to conduct drug abuse risk assessments and drug testing of Unemployment Insurance applicants. 

The Ensuring Quality in the Unemployment Insurance Program (EQUIP) Act codifies that states have the ability to require all individuals to take a substance abuse risk assessment before receiving unemployment benefits if the state chooses. 

The assessment will use a screening instrument approved by the National Institute of Health that is designed to determine if an individual is at high risk for substance abuse. Those determined to be at high risk for drug abuse will submit to a drug screening before receiving unemployment benefits.

If testing is positive, then the burden shifts to the applicant to make sure they meet certain requirements before receiving unemployment insurance benefits. The first positive test would result in no regular unemployment insurance benefit for a 30 day period. A second positive test would result in no unemployment insurance benefit for the remainder of the benefit year.

The Unemployment Insurance program is an important safety net program for Americans across the country. I introduced this legislation because it gives states the ability to ensure the resources of this program are going to those who truly need it while saving taxpayer dollars in the process.

Unemployment Insurance recipients should be drug-free and ready to reenter the workforce and my legislation works to make that happen.

From our Nation's Capitol
Monday, July 17, 2017 -  I’m back in Washington this afternoon and my first meeting is with my college roommate Bob Warnock, who is in town on business.  Bob has had a great career as a consultant pharmacist in long term care and currently serves as president of the Georgia State Board of Pharmacy.  Next, I have my weekly staff briefing to review last week and prepare for the upcoming week.  At our weekly Whip Team meeting today, we have much to discuss as the next few weeks will be very busy with health care, the budget and appropriation bills all on the agenda.  Following votes, I stay in the House Chamber to deliver a one minute tribute to Ms. Vera Powell, a pillar of the First Baptist Church of Pooler who is celebrating her 90th birthday.  A link to my tribute can be found here.  Later, I take part in a special order on community pharmacy being hosted by Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) in the House Chamber. A link to my comments can be found here. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 -
I’m up early this morning and at the White House before 8 a.m. to help some constituents gain entrance for a tour.  Afterwards, I head back to the Capitol for our weekly Republican Conference meeting where we discuss our agenda for the rest of this month.  Next, I head to an Energy and Commerce Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee hearing on “Examining HRSA’s Oversight of the 340B Drug Program.”  A link to my questions can be found here.  My next few meetings are at my office as I meet with my White House Liaison, Tim Pataki, to discuss the President’s initiatives on opioids and drug pricing, followed by a meeting with U.S. Delegate from Puerto Rico-At large Jennifer Gonzalez-Colon to discuss Medicaid and Medicare issues in Puerto Rico.  My last meeting before heading to the House Chamber for votes is with the American Counseling Association to discuss Medicare inclusion for licensed professional counselors.  After votes, I head to Statuary Hall for a live BBC interview with Rajini Vaidyanathan to discuss healthcare reform.  A link to my interview can be found here.  After another live interview, this time with MSNBC - a link to which can be found here - I head back to my office where I meet with representatives from Navicent Health before meeting with the National Hospice & Palliative Care Association.  Next, I head to a meeting with Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to discuss our agenda for the next few days before heading to the House Chamber for our second and final vote series of the day.  Afterwards, I stay in the House Chamber where I give a one minute tribute in memory of Scott Waldrup who was the victim of a violent crime in Savannah on July 4thA link to my tribute can be found here. 
Wednesday, July 19, 2017  My first appointment this morning is a live interview with CNN in Statuary Hall to discuss health care.  A link to my interview can be found here.  Afterwards, I head to the House Chamber for 5 minute speeches during morning order after which I head to the Senate plaza for a picture with Sen. Johnny Isakson and members of the Greater Works Church in Brunswick who are visiting this week and  then a picture with Gulfstream’s Student Leadership Program (SLP).  The SLP was started in 2008 through a partnership between Gulfstream and the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System with the goal of increasing graduation rates and preparing students to be future leaders and was expanded in 2014 to include the Glynn County School System.  Later, I head to the Lincoln Room in the Capitol for a called Whip Team meeting to discuss the budget and appropriations bills that we are considering next week.  After our first vote series of the day in the House Chamber, I head back to my office for a meeting with the Utilities Technology Council followed by a meeting with National Cash Register Company and then the International Association of Machinists.  Next, I head to Statuary Hall for a live interview on Fox Business to discuss health care.  A link to my interview can be found here.  Afterwards, I head to the House Chamber for our second and final vote series of the day.

Thursday, July 20, 2017 - I’m over at the White House again this morning as I’m helping the Wainwright family from Brunswick and the Harrelson family from Rincon gain access for tours.  Afterwards, I head back to the Capitol and to Senator Isakson’s office in the Russell Building on the Senate side for a briefing on the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project (SHEP) by Jamie McCurry from the Georgia Ports Authority.  Afterwards, I head back to the House side for a hearing in the Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee on “Examining Bipartisan Legislation to Improve Healthcare.”  During our hearing, votes are called and once we return from the House Chamber we continue with the hearing.  A link to my questions can be found here.  Afterwards, I attend a classified top secret Member’s briefing with Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Joseph Dunford and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson for an update on the situation with ISIS. 

Friday, July 21, 2017 - 
After returning from Washington last night, I’m up early to be with my Band of Brothers for our weekly bible study led by Brother Kenny Grant at Garden City Baptist Church.  Next, I head to my Savannah office, where I meet with British Consul General Jeremy Pilmore-Bedford to discuss GA/UK relations before heading down to Savannah City Hall for a meeting with City Councilman Julian Miller to discuss FEMA lots in Savannah.  Afterwards, I head to Kingsland in Camden County to meet with business leaders and give them an update on Washington.  Next, I head to Jekyll Island where I am a keynote speaker at the Georgia Forestry Association Annual Conference.  On my way back to Pooler, I have a conference call with Secretary of Transportation Elain Chao to discuss port issues and the President’s infrastructure package priorities.