This week, House Republicans introduced the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the House Republicans tax relief plan. This legislation will finally deliver relief from America's antiquated and overly burdensome tax code which I believe is the greatest threat to economic opportunity in this country. Most importantly, this plan will give middle-class American families, on average, a $1,182 tax cut.

I have been asking families across the First District what they would do with the hard-earned dollars our plan would let Americans keep from their paychecks. They told me they will help their families, give back to their communities, or invest in their businesses and create jobs. 

This plan will empower all Americans to achieve the American Dream and I am excited to work with my colleagues to finalize the largest reform of our tax code in more than thirty years. 

Among other tax relief measures, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act:
  • Lowers individual tax rates for low- and middle- income Americans to Zero, 12%, 25%, and 35% while continuing to maintain 39.6% for high-income Americans;
  • Significantly increases the standard deduction from $6,350 to $12,000 for individuals and $12,700 to $24,000 for married couples;
  • Eliminates special-interest deductions;
  • Establishes a new Family Credit, which includes expanding the Child Tax Credit from $1,000 to $1,600;
  • Preserves the Earned Income Tax Credit and the home mortgage interest deduction for existing mortgages and maintains the home mortgage deduction for newly purchased homes up to $500,000;
  • Lowers the corporate rate to 20%, down from 35%; and,
  • Reduces the tax rate on small business to no more than 25% - the lowest tax rate on small business income since World War II. 
To learn more about the legislation or to read it for yourself, click here

This week, the House passed the CHAMPIONING HEALTHY KIDS Act with my support. The legislation extends the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for five years. 

I am glad this legislation passed the House this week, but we're over a month late in reauthorizing the program while the families of 9 million children are holding their breath to see whether their kids are going to have health insurance. The reason we are so delayed is because my colleagues on the other side of the aisle asked us to delay, and in good faith, we did. 

My colleagues on the other side of the aisle decided to delay our efforts to pass the bill out of the Energy and Commerce Committee and they decided to delay bringing the bill to the floor for a vote. 

I would hope they have a good reason for these delaying tactics, but the truth is that they opposed a provision requested by President Obama in his fiscal year 2013 - fiscal year 2017 budgets that has a minor impact on the highest earners under Medicare. 

This is politics at its worst.

I hope the Senate will act swiftly on this legislation. The more than 232,000 children in Georgia who rely on CHIP for their health insurance are depending on it. 

From our Nation's Capitol CXXXVIII
Monday, October 30, 2017:  I wake up this morning in Bridgewater, New Jersey, after having flown here yesterday from Savannah.  I’m here to visit with Sanofi, a worldwide leader in pharmaceutical manufacturing and life sciences.  As a pharmacist, I am very familiar with the company as I have dispensed many of their products throughout my professional career.  My first meeting is with the executive leadership team as they bring me up to date with issues impacting their business and challenges they face in the health care marketplace. Afterwards, I have the honor of addressing their employees to bring them up to date on Washington issues, particularly health care, and participate in a question and answer session. Next, I head to Swedesboro, New Jersey, where I tour Wedgewood Pharmacy, one of the largest compounding pharmacies in the United States.  Although they serve the human health market, their main emphasis is the veterinary market where they have made over 7,500 different preparations for companion animals like dogs, cats, birds and horses as well as some less common like hippopotamuses and reptiles.  During my visit I asked one of the pharmacists what was the most unusual animal for which she had ever prepared a medication.  Her response was that they once filled a prescription for a pet dolphin!  I forgot to ask if its’ name was Flipper.  Afterwards, I head to Philadelphia where I take a flight to Atlanta to attend the Georgia Republican Party’s Annual Chairman’s Dinner with guest speaker Dr. Ben Carson, U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Rep. Carter with Reps. Belton (R-Buckhead) and Corbett (R-Lake Park)
Tuesday, October 31, 2017:  After an early morning meeting in downtown Atlanta with members of the Georgia Bankers Association, I head up I-75 to Marietta where I have a tour of Dow Chemical to learn more of their work in the state of Georgia.  Afterwards, I head to Hartsfield-Jackson Airport for my flight back to Washington and on the way have a phone interview with WTOC in Savannah to discuss national issues.  Once back in my office in Washington, I have a call with a constituent to discuss the upcoming tax reform legislation before we have our weekly staff briefing.  Afterwards, I head to a messaging advisory group meeting with Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) before heading to our weekly Whip Team meeting where we discuss the upcoming week that will include the rollout of the long awaited tax reform legislation.  My last commitment of the day is in the House Chamber as we have our first vote series of the week.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017:  After a series of office meetings this morning, including a lengthy meeting with my legislative staff to review and plan for legislation that I will be working on in the near future, I head to the House Chamber for our first vote series of the day.  Next, I have a meeting with representatives from the American College of Surgeons followed by a phone interview with Breitbart News to discuss legislation I am sponsoring that will reform parts of the Medicaid program.  After filming a video in my office detailing the tax reform legislation that we will be rolling out tomorrow, I head to the House Visitors Center where I am presented an award by Healthy Families Georgia for my work in supporting their organization.  Afterwards, I head to the House Chamber where we have our second and final vote series of the day.

Rep. Carter at a meeting of the Energy and Commerce Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee discussing the Federal Select Agent Program oversight of dangerous pathogens

Thursday, November 2, 2017:  I’m back in the House Visitors Center this morning as my fellow Georgia delegation members and I meet with a group of Georgia State Representatives serving on a military study committee to discuss how we can further support the missions of Georgia’s military installations and personnel.  This group, led by Rep. Dave Belton (R-Buckhead), includes First District Representatives Al Williams (D-Hinesville) and John Corbett (R-Lake Park). Afterwards, I head to a meeting with representatives from the Georgia Psychiatric Physician Association where we have a very productive discussion regarding the opioid epidemic.  My next meeting is our weekly GOP member conference which was postponed for a day so that the Ways and Means Committee could finish their work on the tax reform legislation that is being rolled out today.  Today’s meeting is longer than usual as we have an extended ‘open mic’ session to allow members to voice their opinions on the legislation, which is overwhelmingly positive.  Afterwards, I head to a meeting of the Energy and Commerce Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee where we have a hearing on concerns over the Federal Select Agent Program Oversight of Dangerous Pathogens. 

Rep. Carter speaks in support of the Children's Health Insurance Program
A link to my questions can be found here.  Later, I head to the House Chamber where I speak during debate of legislation to eliminate the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB).  A link to my speech can be found here.  Next, I stay in the House Chamber and speak on the next bill being debated, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).  A link to my comments on this bill can be found here.  Our first vote series of the day is next and during this vote we have the official picture of the 115th Congress taken. Once back in my office, I have a phone interview with WJCL TV in Savannah to discuss tax reform followed by a skype interview with WSAV TV on the same subject.  Afterwards, I head back to the House Chamber for our second and final vote series of the day and then head back to my office for a meeting with the Charleston VA Medical Center Director, Scott Isaacks.  Next, I attend our second GOP Members Conference of the day where we get more detailed information on the tax reform legislation.

Friday, November 3, 2017:  After early morning radio interviews with Scott James in Valdosta and Bill Edwards and Laura Anderson in Savannah to discuss tax reform, I head to the White House to assist constituents in gaining access. 

Rep. Carter live on MSNBC
Afterwards, I head to the Capitol Members Dining Room for a meeting of the Nuclear Security Working Group with Secretary of Energy Rick Perry.  Next, I head to the House Chamber where I give a one minute speech on tax reform.  A link to my speech can be found here.  Afterwards, I stay in the House Chamber where I speak on the CHIP bill that is being voted on today.  A link to my speech can be found here.  After we vote on and pass the CHIP bill, I head to Statuary Hall where I have a live TV interview with MSNBC on tax reform.  A link to my interview can be found here. 

Votes in the House this week
Click here for this week's vote sheet in the House.