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Health Care

As a pharmacist, I have seen the devastating impact of Obamacare first hand.  It’s driving up costs, taking away choices and putting bureaucrats between patients and their health care providers.

Improving health care in America begins with repealing this disastrous law.  I have voted to repeal it in its entirety and am part of the conservative Republican Study Committee’s Health Care Taskforce working to identify solutions that will empower patients with more choice, lower cost, and better services.

Serving the health care needs of thousands of patients in South and Coastal Georgia for over 30 years, I have identified reforms we can enact to accomplish this task.

First, we must re-introduce free market principles to our health care system.  The worst thing Obamacare has done to our health care system is to drive the free market out. The result is the consolidation of health care and the elimination of competition which drives up costs and takes away choices.

Second, patients and health care providers must be put back in charge of health care choices and the role of big health insurance companies and government bureaucrats must be controlled.  Obamacare has done more to take decision making away from patients and providers than anything I’ve ever seen before.

Finally, health care delivery must come through a comprehensive approach that empowers all aspects of allied health. Although doctors will always remain in charge and recognized as the leader of the health care team, modern health care requires the whole host of health care professionals to expand their role and increase their interaction with patients.

American families deserve better than Obamacare.  As a Member of Congress, I will not rest in my fight to repeal the law in its entirety and replace it with market-oriented solutions that get government out of the way of more affordable, accessible, and patient-centered health care.