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‘A Future that is Free’: Carter hosts roundtable on state of parents’ rights in education

SAVANNAH – Rep. Earl L. “Buddy” Carter (R-GA) sat down with concerned parents from across the First District to discuss the state of parents’ rights in education. A key component of the House Republican Conference’s “Commitment to America” is to ensure a future that is free, which includes preserving the role that parents play in their child’s education.

In their discussion, parents lamented the rise in political indoctrination within Georgia’s school system and pointed to problematic curriculum that presumed a liberal world view.

Here is what the parents had to say: 

“My kids are juniors right now. Let me read you some of their homework from one of their classes. These are questions kids received to answer and discuss in government class:

‘The state of Georgia passed a law that bans all abortions under all circumstances. How can the principle of judicial review be used to address this abuse of power? Explain.’

 ‘The state of Georgia passed a law that requires all voters to pay a fee before voting. How can the constitutional principle of popular sovereignty deal with this abuse of power? Explain.’

To a child who is 16 or 17 and is getting this kind of homework, if they aren’t discussing these issues with their parents, how are we supposed to keep a teacher from injecting their opinion into the subject?”

“Political indoctrination in Chatham County is a major issue.”

“No transparency and a lack of communication are the biggest issues we have…Not only is it terrible that [schools] are holding a lot of information back that we the parents are asking for, they are holding a lot of other information back that we don’t even know about.”

“It is hidden too, because so much of [the indoctrination] is not in the approved curriculum and it is added by teachers who have an agenda to push. I don’t need to know how my kids' teachers voted; all I need to know is that they are teaching my kids the right things.”

"I am no longer allowed to speak at school board meetings and was considered a domestic terrorist because I let my daughter speak at the school board meeting during my time. Who better to voice their opinion than the one who is inside of the four walls of the school every day?”

"For those of us with special-ed children, no one pulls you in and says ‘this is what you are supposed to do, this is how it works.’ It is trial by fire...We should have a support system from our school board and our local school system. You can visit different schools within Chatham County and find completely different processes being applied to children with IEPs and 504s." 

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