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Carter congratulates McCarthy, calls for immediate action on Commitment to America

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Following House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s election into the leadership role today, Rep. Earl L. “Buddy” Carter (R-GA) congratulated the speaker and urged the Republican Conference to come together and deliver on the Commitment to America:

“We’ve witnessed something historic this week. The Republican party did not shy away from open debate on the House Floor, and we will come out stronger for it. Now, our focus must shift away from what divides us and towards what defines us. I’m proud of my friend Kevin McCarthy and know that he is the one who can lead our party’s fight to bring down inflation, put parents first, secure the border, and end the reckless spending sprees that have defined the past two years of one-party Democrat rule.  

“We’ve united around a speaker, we’ve united around the Commitment to America, and now we must unite around a path forward, so that the party of Lincoln and Reagan can realize a safe, free, strong, and accountable nation for all Americans. Let’s get to work.”

Rep. Buddy Carter supported House Speaker McCarthy on all 15 rounds of voting.