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Carter: "Our credit cards are maxed out."

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Rep. Earl L. "Buddy" Carter (R-GA) took to the House floor on Wednesday to deliver remarks in support of the House Republicans' Limit, Save, Grow Act of 2023. This legislation will slash unnecessary government spending, reduce bloated and redundant Washington programs, and restore fiscal sanity to Washington, D.C.

Rep. Carter's remarks:

"Let me begin by thanking leadership, and particularly the Chair of Budget Committee for all of their hard work in putting this together.

"Let me also say that, my colleague on the other side of the aisle talks about fiscal irresponsibility, well if you want to talk about fiscal irresponsibility, you only need to look at the White House and what this administration has done.

"Day one, they declared war on fossil fuels.

"You can make the argument, a valid argument, that what has happened in our economy is a self-inflicted wound brought about by this war on fossil fuels that caused an increase in gas prices, that caused an increase in inflation, that caused an increase in interest rates.

"It put this economy in the shambles that it's in right now.

"Since the first day of this administration, Biden has recklessly spent taxpayer dollars.

"As a result, you see inflation at record highs, stealing money and opportunities from hardworking Americans.

"Our credit cards are maxed out.

"The gentleman talks about future spending, that's what this is about, limiting future spending, that's the conversation we are having."