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Carter Renews Demand for Offshore Energy Meeting in Coastal Georgia

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Washington, January 5, 2018 | comments
Congressman Earl L. "Buddy" Carter (R-Ga.) today renewed his demand that the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) schedule a public hearing in Coastal Georgia to answer questions and provide further details about the Trump Administration's offshore energy leasing plan. 

Carter made the same request under the Obama Administration when Georgia was included in the administration's 5 year oil and gas leasing proposal. 

"While I applaud the Trump Administration for moving forward with a plan to increase America's energy independence, I am committed to ensuring any moves are made in the best interest of the First District," said Carter. "This starts with having an open and honest discussion here on the coast where Coastal Georgians can ask questions and let their voices be heard. I will absolutely be helping to facilitate this meeting and I will stay in contact with BOEM until it happens."

To view the request Carter sent to BOEM today, click here

Full Text:

Dear Dr. Cruickshank,

As the Acting Director of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), you are tasked with leading a group dedicated not only to our offshore energy management, but also the environmental stewardship of our waters and coastlines.  Representing the First District of Georgia, I have the honor and privilege of representing the entire coastline, from the Florida border to the South Carolina border. This responsibility includes advocating for issues impacting my constituents and our beautiful coastline. While I support the Administration’s move towards energy independence, yesterday’s announcement by Secretary Zinke of the 2019-2024 National Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Draft Proposed Program has left me with some questions.

In the proposal, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources submitted comments in which they supported environmentally sound efforts, but want to see a number of issues addressed before that happens. I have also heard from my constituents that they would like to hear more information from BOEM about the plan and the process and let their opinions be heard. As such, I would like to request that as part of the public comment period, BOEM schedule a public hearing in Coastal Georgia to answer questions and provide further detail of the plan’s impact on the coast and my constituents.

While I support an expansive energy independence policy, Georgians should have the opportunity to know more about the new proposal and how it could possibly impact them and their surroundings. I would like to offer my assistance to facilitate this meeting because of its importance to my constituents and our district. I look forward to your response.


Earl L. “Buddy” Carter
Member of Congress

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