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Carter Stands with Israel

Washington, D.C. - Congressman Earl L. "Buddy" Carter (GA-01) released the following video after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel's third address to Congress. The video may also be found here.
The full text of the speech is below:

This morning, I had the honor to receive Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s third address to Congress.

As the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel is one of our closest and most important allies. Prime Minister Netanyahu is a great friend of our nation who is committed to defending our values and interests in the region.

It is important that the Prime Minister joined us today because it is crucial for Congress, and all Americans, to hear of the grave dangers that haunt Israel because these threats are also perilous to our own national security.

The Prime Minister’s speech was about unification against terrorism, highlighting the reality that we are all in the same head-to-head fight of the free world vs. those who are trying to destroy us.

His visit comes at a critical time when the Obama administration is actively working to ease nuclear restrictions on Iran and on the heels of veto threats from the White House on preventative legislation from Congress. Just last week, President Obama threatened a veto on a bill requiring Congressional approval of any nuclear deal with Iran. Congress has the constitutional role to check the President’s actions with regards to foreign policy and we must exercise that role when his actions threaten the security of our nation and the world.

I appreciate the Prime Minister’s call to stand up to Iran’s nuclear program and I stand with him, not only for the security of the Middle East, but for the defense of Georgians and all Americans, as well.

The threats we face from Iran and radical Islamic terrorists are real and they cannot be appeased away.

We must not forget that Iran is a brutal regime with every intention of building a dangerous nuclear weapons arsenal so they can wipe Israel off the map and further disrupt an already unstable region.

We cannot let that happen.

The visit from the Prime Minister today is an important step in that process.