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Carter Votes to Block Amnesty, Secure the Border

Today, Congressman Earl L. “Buddy” Carter (GA-01) voted to block President Obama’s controversial executive action on immigration while funding critical border and homeland security programs.

“President Obama’s executive actions are not only dangerous, they’re unconstitutional,” Carter said. “The House acted today to stand up to the President, uphold the rule of law and restore the balance of powers. It is unacceptable that the President continues to directly ignore the will of the people, the law and most importantly, the United States Constitution.”

The legislation provides funding for the Department of Homeland Security through September 30, 2015. The bill prioritizes national security while reducing overhead costs and cutting funds for lower-priority programs. The bill also includes several critical amendments to prevent executive action on amnesty and to require the Department of Homeland Security to enforce laws already on the books. Carter supported the amendments.

“The House showed the President that we are not afraid to use the power of the purse to stop his blatant overreach on amnesty,” Carter said. “We will continue to fight to secure our border and reward those who come to our nation the right way, not those who have broken our laws.”

Carter is also a cosponsor of H.R. 191, the Repeal Executive Amnesty Act, and H.R. 206, the Immigration Accountability Act in the new Congress. Both bills work to prevent actions on immigration through executive order.