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Rep Carter Opposes "Abortion On Demand Act"

Washington, D.C., September 24, 2021 | MARIA PAPAKONSTANTINOU (202-834-0386)

U.S. Representative Earl L. “Buddy” Carter (R-GA) voted today against Democrats’ “Abortion on Demand Act” (H.R. 3755), which overrides all state and federal pro-life provisions allowing abortions to allow abortions up until birth.

“This bill is an atrocity and a tragedy,"said Carter."I will protect the rights of our children both born and unborn because they are a gift from God. Unfortunately, Democrats and the radical-left hope to pass the most anti-life bill in our nation's history. I will always fight for those who cannot stand up for themselves- including the unborn.Today’s vote proves that Democrats have no respect for human life and is nothing more than a political party favor from Speaker Pelosi to the most extreme pro-abortion fringes of the Democrat Party — i.e., the party’s ACTUAL leadership."

H.R. 3755 overrides pro-life laws and prohibits states from enacting legislation that protects the unborn. This horrific bill federalizes abortion on demand throughout a woman's pregnancy, ending the lives of countless babies. This is yet another example of the Democrats' desire to trample over state powers and concentrate more power in the federal government.