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Carter slams Biden vaccine mandate

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Representative Earl L. “Buddy” Carter (R-GA) called on President Joe Biden to abandon his unconstitutional vaccine mandate thrusting private businesses into their employee's private medical decisions.

“Not only does this force business owners into the role of vaccine police but it will also exacerbate the labor shortage and supply chain crisis created by President Biden’s failed economic policies,” said Carter. “As a pharmacist, I trust patients to work with medical professionals and their families to make the vaccine decision that works best for them and their health. I chose to participate in the vaccine trials because I trust the process but that was my decision and no one else’s, as it should have been."

Under this new federal vaccine mandate, all employees will be forced to be vaccinated by January 4th or face weekly testing, paid for out of their own pockets, regardless of the industry they work in or the needs of their employers. In addition to expensive and burdensome testing, unvaccinated workers will also be forced to wear a face mask.

“It was Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who first politicized the vaccine on the campaign trail. This mandate further injects politics into personal health care decisions,” Carter continued. “Instead of forcing the vaccine on workers, the Biden Administration should work with communities to address concerns of the vaccine hesitant. We need policies that empower workers to work, business owners to innovate, and patients to foster relationships with their health care providers. Instead, Democrats are stripping away our rights in order to create an America wholly dependent on the federal government for survival.”

Carter, a pharmacist by training, participated in the Pfizer clinical trials as part of a concerted effort by the House Republican Doctors’ Caucus to instill confidence in the vaccines which were the result of an unprecedented committed by the federal government under then-President Donald J. Trump’s Operation Warp Speed.