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Democrats steamroll health care access to fund Build Back Broke

WASHINGTON – Today, Rep. Earl L. “Buddy” Carter (R-GA) voted no on legislation that would pave the way to funding Washington Democrats’ build back broke agenda by increasing the national debt limit.

Washington Democrats unnecessarily tied a vote on previously bipartisan health care relief to raising the debt limit, jeopardizing patients’ access to affordable health care during a pandemic.

“Pelosi and Schumer showed their true colors today. To fund their socialist tax and spending spree, which places a several trillion-dollar debt on future generations, they risked stripping away key protections for patients, particularly in rural communities, who already struggle accessing vital care,” said Carter.

Pelosi rammed the bill through the House Floor on a nearly party-line 222-212 vote.

“By needlessly tying together these two unrelated bills, Schumer and Pelosi are sending a clear message to Americans: their right to pass socialist spending scams is equal to your right to access your doctor.

“I am appalled that Congress has failed to maintain the bipartisan history of Medicare relief,” said Carter.