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Carter: “Waste and inflation” define one year anniversary of American Rescue Plan

WASHINGTON, D.C. – One year ago today, President Biden signed the $2 trillion “American Rescue Plan” (ARP) into law. Instead of providing rescue, the bill capitalized on a drowning economy, leading to a staggering 7.9% inflation rate, 53% increase in gas prices, and billions in waste, fraud, and abuse.

Rep. Earl L. “Buddy” Carter (R-GA), who sits on the House Budget Committee and predicted the ARP’s failures, lamented the cataclysmic failure that has been not just the ARP, but the Biden Administration’s entire economic agenda:

“One year ago on the House Floor, I warned the American people and my House colleagues that this bill would not course correct our COVID-19 economy and would lead to unprecedented levels of wasteful spending. Today, that message rings true. The past year has set the United States economy back decades. Mothers are choosing between milk and medicine. Small businesses are closing because they can’t find workers. Nurses, our pandemic heroes, are being fired for not getting the vaccine. Criminals are getting $1,400 stimulus checks while hard working families are stuck paying an extra $3,500 a year for basic household expenses. While the Biden Administration mocks the working class’ misery and wastes billions of dollars, the American people are left to wonder: where is our rescue?” said Carter.

The House Budget Committee released a fact sheet today detailing just some of the ways ARP funds were misused by Washington Democrats, including:

-       $87 billion+ in verified COVID-19 unemployment fraud

-       $2 billion diverted from COVID-19 vaccines and tests to house illegal immigrants from Biden’s border crisis

-       3.4 million more job vacancies since ARP was passed

-       $2 billion for nonexistent county governments

-       $31 million for Chicago’s guaranteed income program

-       $157 million for a courtroom expansion project in Texas

-       $400 million for state park upgrades in Michigan

-       $3.7 million for a basketball hall of fame in Massachusetts

here to see the full trail of Biden’s ARP waste.