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Carter calls for increased domestic manufacturing in light of medical dye shortage

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Due to COVID-19 related factory shutdowns in China, U.S. hospitals are forced to ration the dye used in medical scans, leading to canceled appointments and incomplete imaging.

Rep. Earl L. “Buddy” Carter (R-GA), House Republican conferee to the China legislation conference committee, says regaining America’s pharmaceutical independence must be a pillar of the U.S.’s China policy:

“COVID-19 made it abundantly clear that America cannot rely on foreign entities like China for our lifesaving medications. Instead of outsourcing our manufacturing jobs and needs to China, we should be making medical dye here in the United States. As a conferee to the China committee, I will relentlessly advocate for America First health care and manufacturing policies. American patients shouldn’t suffer because of China’s failed leadership.”

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