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Carter Votes to Balance Budget, Pave the Way for Tax Reform

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Washington, October 5, 2017 | comments
Congressman Earl L. "Buddy" Carter (GA-01) voted today for the House Republican budget for the coming year. The proposal would balance the budget within 10 years, strengthen our national defense, and work to rein in Washington's spending and improper payments. 

"I have long said that the national debt is the single greatest threat to our national security," said Carter. "It is past time for Washington to finally learn how to balance a budget just like hard working families, small businesses, and local governments do every day. Our plan finally gets the federal government on track and balances the budget by reforming government, growing the economy, and reining in Washington's spending addiction."

The budget also paves the way for tax reform. It includes reconciliation instructions to allow tax reform legislation to move through Congress in a fast-track process. 

"This legislation paves the way for bold, pro-growth tax reform," said Carter. "Our antiquated and overly burdensome tax code is the greatest threat to economic opportunity in this country. Passage of this legislation today is the first step in an important process to finally reform our tax code and deliver relief to all Americans."

Key provisions of the House Fiscal Year 2018 Budget include:
  • balancing the budget in 10 years without raising taxes;
  • supporting robust funding for our troops and improved readiness;
  • improving the sustainability of Medicare;
  • returning significant authority to the States;
  • incorporating the House-passed American Health Care Act and all of its savings;
  • instructing 11 House committees to achieve $203 billion in mandaotry savings and reforms; and
  • aiming to reduce government-wide improper payments by $700 billion.
In addition to the House Fiscal Year 2018 Budget, Carter voted in support of the budget proposal put forward by the Republican Study Committee which would balance the budget within a ten-year window, move forward with policies to ensure solvency of entitlement programs, and repeal Obamacare through the reconciliation process. 
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