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Carter Votes to Increase State and Local Control of Transportation Investment

Congressman Earl L. “Buddy” Carter (Ga-01) voted today to increase state and local control of transportation investment. The House passed H.R. 22, with Carter’s support, to authorize six years of funding for federal highway and mass transit programs.

“While federal investment into our nation’s transportation system is critical, states and local governments know the needs of their communities and where these dollars are best invested,” Carter said. “This legislation gives state and local governments the flexibility needed to meet the needs of their communities and get Washington out of the decision making process. It has been ten years since Congress last passed an infrastructure bill that lasts longer than a two-year period. It’s past time to provide long-term certainty to the American people.”

H.R. 22:

  • Provides $325 billion in funding for transportation projects, $261 billion for highway programs, $55 billion for transit programs and $9 billion for safety programs;
  • Provides certainty for state and local governments to undertake large-scale, complex transportation projects;
  • Provides flexibility for states to invest in bridge rehabilitation and replacement;
  • Eliminates red tape that slows down infrastructure improvements;
  • Streamlines the environmental review and permitting process to cut red tape and accelerate project delivery;
  • Provides more flexibility and decision-making to states and local governments to allow them to better address their priorities and needs;
  • Overhauls federal truck and bus safety grant programs and rulemaking processes;
  • Reforms truck and bus safety programs and eases administrative burdens on small businesses;
  • Provides flexibility to states to target driver safety grants on their pressing safety needs;
  • Promotes private investment in our surface transportation system and;
  • Improves truck and bus safety by accelerating the introduction of new transportation technologies.