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Carter Pledges to Fight President Obama’s Illegal Attack on Second Amendment Rights

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Washington, January 5, 2016 | Mary Carpenter (202-834-0386) | comments
Congressman Earl L. “Buddy” Carter (Ga-01) released the following statement in response to President Barack Obama’s announcement of executive action to restrict gun ownership in the United States:

“The president is trampling the Constitution at the expense of law-abiding citizens and I deeply condemn these executive actions. Rather than address the real threats facing our country, his Administration is once again trying to exploit tragedy to advance his anti-gun agenda.

“Instead of blatantly overstepping his authority to attack our Second Amendment rights, President Obama should work with Congress to address the actual underlying causes of these tragedies. Mental illness must be addressed and we should work together to actually enforce the laws currently on the books to keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals. Additionally, the threat of radical Islamic terrorism increases every day and Americans are rightfully afraid. It is outrageous that the president would actively work to disarm law abiding American citizens as he continues to fumble with a nonexistent strategy to defeat these barbaric terrorists and protect our homeland.

“I refuse to allow the President of the United States to circumvent Congress to take away citizen’s rights to protect themselves and their families. I will do everything in my power to stop this unacceptable and illegal executive overreach. Protecting the Second Amendment keeps us safe. Our Founding Fathers realized this fact, why must our president continue to ignore it?”

Carter is a staunch defender of the Second Amendment and has already started the fight against these executive actions. Last year, Carter sent a letter to President Obama expressing serious concerns over reports of the White House bypassing Congress to implement gun control policies that would unfairly target millions of law abiding Americans without making any meaningful impact on safety. A copy of the letter is available to view or download here.

Additionally, he is a cosponsor of H.R. 986, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, to allow Americans licensed to carry a firearm in another state as long as they stay within the restrictions of the state they are traveling in and H.R. 3115 to repeal the bans on military personnel carrying firearms on military bases and recruitment facilities.

Carter is also an original cosponsor of legislation that will be introduced by Representative Marlin Stutzman (In-03) this week that condemns the President’s executive actions as a violation of the Second Amendment.
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