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Carter blasts Democrats’ Build Back Broke Agenda

WASHINGTON, D.C.- The House today paved the way for Washington Democrats to enact the largest tax and spending spree in our nation’s history. U.S. Representative Earl L. “Buddy” Carter (R-GA) proudly voted against this reckless legislation.

This legislation is nothing more than a bargaining chip in the leftists’ attempt to extort taxpayers for trillions of dollars to fund a socialist wish-list.

“The American public is getting a masterclass in political manipulation from Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer. Rather than heeding the clear message delivered by voters across this country on Tuesday, Washington Democrats are doubling down on their disastrous economic policies. I hope members of the House will wake up and reject this extremist legislation so we can come together and deliver real results for the American people before it is too late,” said Carter.

As a condition of this bill, the socialist “squad” agreed to support the full Build Back Broke agenda pending a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score, a move that makes a mockery of the CBO and democratic process. Members of Congress cannot in good faith support legislation without knowing what’s in it, yet that’s exactly what the so-called “progressives” agreed to do.

“Nowhere else in America, other than the halls of Congress, are individuals expected to blindly spend trillions of dollars without knowing what they are paying for. But that is exactly what Washington Democrats did today. Pelosi played Shakespearean level political theatre, airing the Democrat party’s dirty laundry out for all to see. Pelosi, the American people are not behind you, your party, or your radical agenda that will bankrupt our children’s children, give tax breaks to the wealthy, and further entrench bureaucracy into every facet of taxpayers’ lives,” said Carter.

Tonight’s vote opened the door to:

·      providing the Internal Revenue service with $80 billion to spy on American bank accounts;

·      granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants;

·      allowing taxpayer funding for on demand abortions;

·      perpetuating labor shortages by eliminating work requirements for welfare benefits for able-bodied adults;

·      expanding Obamacare subsidies to benefit wealthier Americans and subsidize health care for those with private insurance;

·      over $400 billion in small business tax hikes;

·      implementing socialist drug pricing scheme; and

·      advancing Green New Deal policies to cripple American energy production.