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WYNTK: Millions of dollars in waste at southern border

The Biden Administration is violating federal law by refusing to build the wall.

President Trump, in a bipartisan fashion, authorized funding for 110 miles of border wall construction.

President Biden, unilaterally, canceled it on his first day in office. As of right now, only 20 miles have been constructed, with miles-long holes in between. This has left $350 million worth of unused border wall materials to sit and rust in a lot in Texas while overworked Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) Agents plead for what they were promised – a secure southern border.

But that’s not all. Contractors are being paid $6 million per day to guard the wasted steel. That’s money out of hardworking taxpayer’s wallets that is going towards not enforcing our immigration laws.

Think it can’t get worse? Think again. While the Biden Administration wastes your tax dollars and considers cutting millions out of the CBP’s budget, Mexican Cartels are making $32 million per day on their illegal human smuggling operations.

In case you missed it, I visited McAllen, Texas and witnessed this crisis first hand. Here’s what you need to know about the state of our southern border: