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House Acts to Protect A-10 Thunderbolt Fleet

Congressman Earl L. "Buddy" Carter (Ga-01) acted today to protect the A-10 Thunderbolt fleet. The United States House of Representatives approved $467 million to keep the Warthog flying and prohibited the divestment, retirement or storage of the aircraft securing protection of the 23d Wing stationed at Moody Air Force Base.

"The tragedy in Orlando is a devastating reminder for us all that the threat of ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism is alive and greater than ever," Carter said. "Right now the A-10s are on the front lines in the fight against the terror group flying Close Air Support missions against their advances. This aircraft is critical to not only defeat ISIS but to keep our troops on the ground safe. Currently the A-10 is the only aircraft of its kind that can protect our service members while remaining close to the battlefield for any additional support needed by ground troops. If the safety of our soldiers is on the line, I will continue to fight to ensure the A-10 keeps flying."

The funding comes as part of the fiscal year 2017 Defense Appropriations bill which funds military training and readiness and provides a 2.1 percent pay raise for our troops. Carter has been a leader in the fight to preserve the A-10 and ensure funding was included in the legislation. During discussions leading to passage of the appropriations bill in the House today, Carter testified on the importance of the A-10 to our national security.