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Carter praises passage of HALT Fentanyl Act: This “will save lives”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. House of Representatives today passed the Halt All Lethal Trafficking of Fentanyl (HALT) Fentanyl Act, which will permanently schedule fentanyl-related substances as schedule 1 drugs, giving law enforcement the proper tools to fight the illicit fentanyl poisoning epidemic.

Rep. Earl L. “Buddy” Carter (R-GA), a co-sponsor of the
bill, proudly voted in favor of this necessary, life-saving legislation:

“The United States is facing a poisoning epidemic caused by illicit fentanyl and its related substances that are pouring over our southern border,”
said Rep. Carter. “I’m tired of hearing stories about mothers, father, daughters, and sons that lost their lives at the hands of this lethal drug. I’m proud that the House took this action today, which will undoubtedly save lives. The fight isn’t over, our border is still unsecured, but this is a positive step that I hope the senate will take up swiftly.”

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) identified the permanent scheduling of fentanyl-related substances as the DEA’s top legislative priority.

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Read the full bill text here.