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Carter: Border Security Deal is No Deal at All

Congressman Earl L. "Buddy" Carter (R-Ga.) voted against the federal funding agreement tonight which fails to adequately support critical border security measures at the Southwest border. 

"This border security 'deal' is no deal at all," said Carter. "This bill simply does not include enough funding to secure our border. Congress is again punting border security down the road while putting American safety at risk. I have been to the border and I have seen the threats we face firsthand. To properly secure the border we must listen to the boots on the ground who see these threats each day, the Department of Homeland Security, and deliver what is needed to keep Americans safe. Providing for the common defense is the number one responsibility of the federal government and it's unacceptable that Congress has failed to deliver tonight."

The agreement passed in the House and Senate tonight contains a negotiated border security package and funding for a portion of the federal government. It includes only $1.375 billion for a physical barrier, as well as additional technology to combat human and drug trafficking. This is well below the amount of funding determined to be needed by President Donald Trump and the Department of Homeland Security to properly secure the Southwest border.