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Carter Urges Air Force to Move Forward with Delay of A-10 Retirement

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Washington, November 13, 2015 | Mary Carpenter (202-834-0386) | comments
The Air Force has announced it is considering delaying the retirement of the A-10 Warthog aircraft for several years.

Congressman Earl L. “Buddy” Carter (GA-01), who represents Moody Air Force Base in Congress, has been a leader in the fight to preserve the A-10. Carter testified in front of the House Appropriations Committee earlier this year to highlight the importance of the A-10 to our national security and request full funding for the fleet. Carter also supported critical legislation to keep the A-10 flying.

“The Air Force may finally be realizing what we have known all along,” Carter said. “The A-10 is the only aircraft of its kind that can effectively accomplish its mission of protecting our troops while remaining close to the battlefield for any additional support that may be needed by our ground troops. It’s outrageous they would even consider retiring this platform as they deploy the A-10 fleet from Moody Air Force Base to fight ISIS overseas. I strongly urge the Air Force to move forward with delaying the retirement of the Warthog for the safety of our troops and nation.”

The A-10 provides Close Air Support and Combat Search-And-Rescue capability unmatched by any other aircraft in the Air Force’s inventory.  No other fixed-wing airframes are as proficient as the A-10 in operating in rugged environments, low visibility, and very low altitudes. The A-10s, operated by the 23rd Wing, have been providing critical close air support (CAS) for our ground troops since they first entered service in the 1970s. It is this unique ability to perform effective close air support that has garnered the A-10 with high accolades in recent theatres of conflict, including Iraq and Afghanistan. Currently, A-10s are flying Close Air Support missions against ISIS advances. 
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