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Democrats vote against holding China accountable for COVID-19

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Democrats today blocked Rep. Earl L. “Buddy” Carter’s (R-GA) amendments to H.R. 4521 that would have strengthened national security and held the Chinese Communist Party accountable for human rights abuses, including their failure to contain COVID-19.

“Pelosi’s bill is supposed to be ‘tough on China,’ yet it mentions coral reefs more times than China,” said Carter. “This bill isn’t just weak, but it actively aids the Communist Party by funding universities that work hand-in-hand with them and taking no steps to hold the Chinese government accountable for COVID-19.”

Specifically, Rep. Carter’s amendments would have done the following:

-       Prohibit taxpayer-funded energy projects tied to the Chinese Communist Party or that use or are complicit in forced labor;

-       Allow for critical minerals projects in support of natural security interests;

-       Prohibit “gain of function” research at the NIH directly or through grants;  

-       Deny the Chinese Ministry of Health access to U.S. taxpayer funds; and,

-       Prevent the U.S. from joining the World Health Organization until the organization severs its ties with the corrupt Chinese Communist Party.

“As written, the United States will be complicit in the genocide of Uyghur Muslims and the spread of COVID-19 if this bill becomes law. I am supremely disappointed in the Democrats’ complete rejection of these commonsense amendments that would have helped this bill live up to its stated intention: allow the U.S. compete on the global scale without corrupt, illegal action from the Chinese Communist Party,” said Carter.