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WATCH: Carter defends Title 42 amidst Biden’s Border Crisis

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today on the House Floor, Rep. Earl L. “Buddy” Carter (R-GA) called for immediate consideration of H.R. 471, a bill that would block the Biden Administration’s planned revocation of Title 42:

“It is no coincidence, Mr. Speaker, that a 480% spike in border encounters, combined with a 68% drop in deportations, has led to the most deadly year on record for opioid overdoses.

“This Administration must answer for its atrocious public health record. The fentanyl that is invading our schools and killing our children is coming across the southern border.

“No mask is going to protect them from the dangers hiding in what appears to an everyday painkiller. And this Administration isn’t going to protect them either.

“Unlike President Biden and ‘Border Czar’ Harris, I have been to the Southern Border – in fact, I’ve been there four times. I have seen the gaping holes where a wall should be, the vast areas of land where smugglers can walk into our country virtually unchecked.

“Lifting Title 42 will open the floodgates even further. Like pouring hot water into a cold glass, the rule of law at our southern border is shattering.

“Right now in America, your child is forced to be vaccinated and wear a mask in order to attend school, but illegal immigrants are bussed around the country without so much as a COVID test.

“Explain to me how a President can justify extending pandemic-era student loan pauses, advocate for mask mandates on airplanes, and insist on vaccine mandates for health care workers, but when it comes to protecting our immigration system, suddenly the pandemic is no longer a concern.

“If you’re worried about contracting COVID, I suggest spending time at the Southern Border, because apparently, you can’t contract it there.

“Title 42 is a necessary rule that is preventing our border crisis from becoming a full-blown catastrophe.”

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