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Carter Votes to Block EPA Attack on American Energy, Jobs

Washington, December 1, 2015 | Mary Carpenter (202-834-0386)
Tags: Energy

Congressman Earl L. “Buddy” Carter (Ga-01) voted to block the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from implementing controversial new job-killing energy regulations that could significantly increase energy costs for American families with questionable environmental benefits.

The first resolution passed in the House today, S.J. Res. 23, disapproves of the EPA’s proposed regulations for new power plants. Under the rule, the agency would require new coal-fired power plants to install technology not yet commercially available.

The second resolution passed in the House today, S.J. Res. 24, disapproves of the EPA’s proposed regulations for existing power plants that would set unachievable emissions requirements. The rule would require states to submit plans to the agency to meet the new mandates. States that fail to submit a satisfactory plan would become subject to a “Federal Plan” under which the agency has proposed it would implement a federal regulatory cap-and-trade program.

“This is nothing less than a de facto ban on American energy that will raise costs, kill jobs, and reduce the reliability of electric power in America,” Carter said.  “To make things worse, even the EPA admits neither rule will have any meaningful impact on global temperatures. As our Commander in Chief wastes time with climate talks in Paris while we face more imminent threats here at home, I hope these resolutions send a clear message that the American people do not support this radical plan to destroy jobs and take more money out of the pockets of hardworking American families.“

The resolutions passed in Senate last month and the House today, with Carter’s support, would block the controversial regulations and ensure they have no force or effect if signed into law.

According to Southern Company, the impact of these rules would include higher costs, reduced reliability, lower tax revenues for our state and communities, and the potential loss of 800 jobs within the company.

Carter cosponsored identical versions of these resolutions, H. J. Res. 71 and H. J. Res. 72, which were previously introduced in the House.  He is a member of the House Energy Action Team which is dedicated to promoting energy policies that prevent rising energy costs, create thousands of good jobs and enhance our national security by promoting energy independence for America.